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Trading chart screenshot ....The RiskA script makes screenshots for you...
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RiskA v.6.

Sorry for the delay, again!
Last year I got a very interesting contract in my original profession. I'm working on a great project and I hope I can create something longlasting. But this job eat my time, I work on it whole days, and on my weekends too.
But look in the future, and now here is the fresh RiskA for You!

RiskA v.5.2.

Sorry for the delay, I was very busy + the Greek situation!
I hoped that in this period of extraordinary market, reinforced by a lot of e-mails from the brokers, few are traded. After the brutal CHF movement experienced in January it was expected that the new extreme market conditions temporarily encourages everyone to relax.
I was wrong, confronted with a lot of complaining from e-mail as well. Thank you for your letters!

The fresh and again smarter version of your favorite risk manager is ready for download!

For the donate questions, it is important to note that it is up to you! Everyone himself decide is this program useful or not. If you feel that it is useful and should therefore be promoted, the size of the donate is up to you. The donate option will be on the site soon.
The supporters will reach little rewards, the first of these the "ColorSet" will be. That is an utility to automatically adjust the RiskA colors on all charts.

2015 RiskA download changes

The RiskA is free for everyone in 2015 too!
RiskA gone through major changes since the 2011 publication. I would like to continue this development in the future. As you see crawling the website, the custom programming doesn't an option, so I don't like to make charging for the RiskA.

I don't count the time what I spent with it, but the operation of a website doesn't free for me too.
I think it's unique in the forex world what I done, not only a nonprofit help for the traders on the way to the dollar millions, but it make losses for me. :-)
A few month ago, I attended a lecture of a famous trader, who sold his excel style risk manager over 100 euros, for the deligt of his audence. As a result, a thought occurred to me: Some of the RiskA users wrote me that they would use the package in non-free version too, so let's play a game!

A donate option will appear on the site before the end of this half year. Of course, the usage of it is your choice!

Depending on how the numbers are formed, several possibilities can occur:

1. There are many satisfied users, sufficient support received :

--everything remain as always, the program go ahead

2. Few, but significant supporter:

--for them thwe program will expand on their needs, and they can use it for unlimimited time

3. Low and individually insignificant support:

--I will develop the RiskA till the end of this year, but then ...

More details later.

TrueTL-automatic trendline drawer

Trading chart screenshot

Did you know, the RiskA script makes screenshots for you?
Every time, when you open a position with the Sript4Risk script, it makes a photo.

chart screenshot

You find all important data on it: pair, timeframe, date and time in the file name, and the actual chart and your slippage on it.
The images are in the system folder/Mql4/Files/Shots folder

chart screenshot 2

Spread recorder download

Tick logger with easy data monitoring
Most trader when found a broker, are watching only the spread. But sometimes the slippage makes more cost than the spread. Slippage could be happen at position open and close too. At "market maker" account, you can define the maximum slippage, when you open the order. So there you can control one side of the trade. It could be more dangerous at ECN accounts, where you get "market price" without limitation.
I have got more friends, who loved their brokers, with the extra low spread. But when we checked the the spread recorder files and the order open and close prices, they found the slippage was extremely bad.
An other interesting topic is the "personal stophunting" with spikes. It helps to imagine what happened on your trades.

spread recorder

Spread recorder is a custom indicator. Installation as usual: unzip, and copy into system folder/Mql4/Indicators
You can set only one parameter: the difference. It means the difference between two ticks, on the Bid side. For example at EURUSD, I set the difference to 2. Normally if the difference is more than 2 pip on EURUSD at my broker, there could be something happen.
It could be an extreme high volatility, if the ticks are frequent, or a stopped trading server, if the ticks are infrequent. I know some brokers whose server like to stop, but it isn't an easy money. Most of them, don't accept orders when stopped, and whose accept, don't like to pay it.
So, if I can give an advice, avoid the brokers with often stopped servers !

spread recorder

How can we use the spread recorder file in normal situation?

After order open and close, you can check back accurately the chart datas from it, and you can compare it to your trading datas.
-First, check the price you got, and the server time for it, in your terminal window.
-Second, open the spread recorder log file: system folder/MQL4/Files/aSpread. The file name starts with the instrument, follow the date (year-month-day), finally the brokers name. The data's first column is the server time, second is the Bid, third is the Ask, the fourth is the spread in Pip, and if the difference is higher or equal with your limit, in the fifth column you find the difference between two ticks.
-Third, search the corresponding server time on the left column of the datas. If you found it, check the nearby Bid or Ask values (as your trading direction) and the spread, then you can see, how large was your slippage, and does it seems to be normal difference, or not. At extreme volatility situation, like NFP, you will see on the right column the difference between the ticks. If it's high, you are lucky, if you get a precise execution.

This indicator works till 31. 12. 2015. If it's expired, come back and you will get a newer version!

spread recorder download

Trading information script

Multiple user requested a script to print the minimal stop distance and lotsize.
forex minimal stopdistance, minimál lotsize
Installation as usual, into system folder/Mql4/Scripts
After starting, when the answere arrived from the broker server, it print the datas in the right upper corner with silver color.
It has auto erase function, so the datas disapper after a few time.

If you need more datas with the script, ask it! If more traders ask it, I will write in.

script download

video tutorial for the old 3.0. version